Biometric Technology

Biometric Technology

We develop innovative image and sound processing Technology for biometric identification, people and event tracking, detection of hazardous events, intelligent monitoring solutions, and security applications in general.


This technology integrates added‐value products and high‐end solutions for the security market, which can be customized to the specific needs of a wide range of users,  related to Law Enforcement.


Face recognition for gate access control, access to sensitive data (workstation, tellers, etc.), non cooperative recognition (black lists), etc. It incorporates 3D face technology to compensate for illumination and pose changes.


Intelligent acoustic monitoring of outdoor and indoor environments to recognize, classify and localize sounds that are associated to dangerous conditions.


evaluates how well the various aspects of a face picture (e.g. a passport photo) comply with the ISO/IEC 19794‐5 standard. It analyzes face morphology, pose, expression, feature visibility etc.