Electronic Device & Software Solution

We have develop several solution for law enforcement application, we mainly focus on:

Reliability – any electronic device should work in the worst condition, malfunction could not be acceptable

Miniature – sometime dimension is quite important, in order to meet the restriction of the ideal place where the device has to work

Friend user – micro electronic device needs easy interface in order to be programmed and daily used

Electronic countermeasures – probably the most important point, the way we define some of our equipment “smart”

These three concept our R & D keep in mind when every new product is designed, actually we have several solution that help our end user to have the best way to obtain information required, try to avoid the risk of electronic countermeasures.

Actually we have several solution as:

Tracking: Gps or Cell localization

Audio Recorder : Miniature digital audio recorder

Audio 3G/4G : Miniature audio transmitter using 3G/4G

Video transmission: micro video transmission RF/UMTS