The massive adoption of social networks has made its impact on all fields of life, including politics and commerce. This publicly accessible resource allows interested parties to tap into masses of previously inaccessible data scattered all over cyberspace. 

We provides a state-of-the-art Intelligence monitoring system for law enforcement agencies in order to help clients mine in real time massive information from the social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram…) and turn them into actionable intelligence insights.

Our system scans and analyzes various social media apps to discover to get all possible data  We covers a wide range of social networks. We performs cross- references between social platforms, which are then available and accessible to the user in a friendly visual display. It could be useful as cyber intelligence solutions to meet a wide range of operational needs for enterprise, cyber analytics professionals, banking and financing and LEA.
We provide a web page on an API were user could insert their data and get a report with all informations available by open sources, it will make your organizations save time in data research. 

“Profiler” is a complete suite of target-based applications for the capture, collection and analysis of personal device data, web content, network connections and social media interactions. 

Generate an accurate  profile based on, name, mobile devices, email or social media accounts

Detect connections between all known and unknown digital identity. 

Profiler generates highly accurate and reliable profiling data from mul-tiple social networks and web applications, getting data form open sources data base. FEATURE AVAILABLE