We provide full system to acquire from TELCO necessary information and data needed by LEA.

GR SISTEMI also provides LI management systems,  we have developed one system which is able to capture audio & data sent from a phone operator or IP probe, record files on a server, perform analysis and make all the operations as per request from the law.

In order to optimize performance of the system, the main unit is capable, of acquiring  and storing data received from a video source, on IP basis and GPS coordinate.  Therefore the operator can check by its client all the target, avoid to use multiple system.

Data received by a server, can be viewed by remote location, using ADSL or WI-Fi transmission, data sent is encrypted.

We also provide IP probe & IP decoder to capture and decode data sent and received from target,  Support for all common protocols at user-content level with user friendly presentation standard internet protocols: HTTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, TELNET, FTP chat and IM: MSN, AOL, Yahoo, ICQ, etc. file transfer, P2P protocols.

Furthermore we have a series of tools for analysis and data match,  capable of showing to the operator several set of information, useful to build the whole scenario.

More and detailed info are available upon request just to LEA or TELCO .

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