Who: “Mission Intelligence” is an exciting new bespoke corporate investigations and security supplier of intelligence discovery services through the application of our in-house leading edge technology solutions.

Why: Corporate and Private clients need a multi-dimensional approach to gain actionable intelligence and insights to ensure they can identify, discover and mitigate risk.

How: Through a combination of unique technology and highly skilled security professionals we have put together, tailored to the specific needs of each client. We provide multi-dimensional services, designed and optimized to gather intelligence from open and hidden sites across Public, Private and Darknet sources.

Intelligence Discovery and Assessment

Our core prospectus consists of Corporate Investigations, Security and Risk Management. Our deep understanding and experience of technology allied with our close partnerships with boutique suppliers of investigative services allows us to offer an exciting suite of capabilities and services for Corporate, Government and Private clients.

Our primary offerings include:

Cyber defence

Autonomous Response Across Your Digital Infrastructure.

In order to fight against multiple threat against your organizations we strongly suggest to adopt AI cyber defense solution. It combines real-time threat detection, network visualization, and advanced investigation capabilities in a single unified system that is fast and easy to install.

Using proprietary machine learning and AI algorithms, it works by passively analyzing raw network traffic to form an evolving understanding of ‘normal’ for every user, device, and subnet in an organization. Without presuming to know in advance what activity is ‘malicious’ or not, it independently learns to detect significant deviations, and immediately alerts the organization to emerging threats – from subtle insiders and low-and-slow attacks, through to automated viruses like ransomware.

Investigation Services

Investigation and cyber forensic services to address client challenges efficiently and discreetly using our latest state of the art in-house developed tools

Intelligence Discovery and Risk Management

Encompasses a broad range of services from high quality intelligence manually and electronically curated, intelligence fusion and using state of the art analytical tools to deliver expert analysis for actionable intelligence insight.

Cyber Protection

Secure tools and services for corporate, private and government clients to safeguard and protect their assets, information and communication against electronic surveillance and darknet threats.

Enhanced Due Diligence and Screening Services

Screening services providing enhanced deep due diligence and background checks to reduce the risk for corporate and private clients. We take a multi-layered and multi-dimensional approach including the using physical, human and electronic means to find the hidden patterns/links, across the widest range of sources.

Intelligence Insights

Operating under the radar to gain the deepest discovery of intelligence to access insights to generate competitive advantage for clients.

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration test

Using customized portion of Open Source Security testing methodology manual (OSSTMM) and Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS), exploring latest frontier of security as SCADA system and CAR Hacking, we are able to secure any environment , software or application.

Malware analysis 

Offering service for reverse engineering and malware analysis, able to identify nature and source of the APT.

Asset Tracking and Locating

Asset management and tracking services for the finding and safeguarding of people and high value assets